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What is ePublish Yourself?

ePublish Yourself! is an exciting community of independent (indie) authors and epublishers joined together to share information and encouragement with the goal of helping people self-publish their work.

ePublish Yourself! is a web site (this site), a print and digital magazine, a social network, and soon, a bookshop.

What does by authors, for authors mean?

The tag line for ePublish Yourself! is By Authors, For Authors, which reflects our goal of having our community of indie authors band together to share tips, techniques, and best practices related to digital publishing.

ePublishing is the perhaps most democratic form of publishing ever devised, and we believe that it becomes even more beneficial and rewarding when we work together as a community to encourage and support each other.

Will ePublish Yourself! review my book?

ePublish Yourself! is designed principally for authors, so we don’t review books directly. But we’ll shortly be introducing a companion bookshop that will feature both editorial and customer reviews. Stay tuned for more information soon…

How can I arrange for an interview to appear on this site (and in the magazine)?

We are interested in interviewing indie authors and epublishers who would like to share their epublishing story with their peers. For more information,please contact Lee Purcell.

Who do I contact if I have an idea for an article?

If you have an article idea, we would definitely be interested in hearing from you. Contact Lee Purcell with your idea—Lee will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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