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Welcome to the online home of ePublish Yourself! magazine. Our goal at ePublish Yourself! is to guide independent authors, publishers, and other creatives to success in the epublishing world. To that end, ePublish Yourself! brings you news and opinion of the latest trends and developments, keeping you apprised of the kinds of information that will help you master this fast-moving technology.

But ePublish Yourself! is more than just a magazine with tips and techniques. Each issue features information BY AUTHORS, FOR AUTHORS. And this is where you come in. We know that many of you are on the leading edge of this disruptive wave. In each issue, we tap into this vast knowledge base by having successful authors share their experience and expertise—from how best to create your ebook or ezine, all the way through to marketing and selling your book on the leading ebookstores around the world.

We also share inspirational stories and hard-earned lessons from indie authors and epublishers who are just starting out. Whether you’re a bestselling self-published author or someone who’s dreaming of telling their story, ePublish Yourself! is truly your magazine (and website), written about you and delivering valuable information directly to you.

So be sure to keep writing and don’t stop until you ePublish yourself!


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