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Are you an independent author or publisher with one or more ebooks? Would you like to share your story, your successes, your challenges, and some of the things that you’ve learned along the way? If so, we would like to hear from you.

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Our Mission

ePublish Yourself! features information by authors, for authors, sharing inspirational stories and hard-earned lessons from people who have mapped the new digital publishing landscape better than anyone.

Whether you’re a bestselling self-published author or someone who’s dreaming of telling your story, ePublish Yourself! is truly your magazine (and website), written about you and delivering valuable information directly to you.

Your Opportunity

This is where you come in. We know that many of you are on the leading edge of this disruptive wave. We are looking to tap into this vast knowledge base, from how best to create an ebook or ezine, all the way through to how to market and sell ebooks on the leading ebookstores around the world.

We also want to share inspirational stories and hard-earned lessons from indie authors and epublishers who are just starting out.

Share Your Successes

In particular, we would like to highlight your successes. Did you:

  • Write and publish a groundbreaking novel?
  • Reach out and successfully find your particular audience?
  • Market your way to double-digit (or higher) monthly sales growth?
  • Or find success in your own particular and meaningful way?

Share Your Challenges

We also want to learn about any challenges you overcame along the way. Did you:

  • Discover a promotion methodology to break through the noise?
  • Chance upon an effective way to engage your audience through social media?
  • Craft a pricing and release model that makes your book irresistible to readers?
  • Or find one or more obstacles insurmountable? (We want to hear about those too.)

Share Your Knowledge

So if you’re the kind of person who loves to share your ideas and learn from your fellow indie authors and publishers, ePublish Yourself! is for you.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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