The indie author world continues to evolve mightily and both publishers and authors—mainstream and independent—are scrambling to adapt to the changes. To make it easier for everyone interested in ebooks and epublishing, we’ve revamped our news feed—the ePublish Yourself! newsstand—and we’ll be working over the following weeks to improve and adapt it to the shifts and changes in the industry, especially the surge in audiobook publishing, which is currently the fastest growing segment in the market.

So, we invite you to visit from time to time to scan the breaking stories from many of the key sources in this sector, such as Publishing Perspectives, Good E-Reader, Bing News, and Publishers Weekly, and those creators who are producing some of the more interesting works and providing insights into better understanding the processes and nature of ePublishing. This includes well-known spokespersons such as Bruce Sterling, Michael Kozlowski, Joanna Penn, Hugh Howey, Sabrina Ricci, Jane Friedman, and more. If you have a favorite source that you’d like to include in the feed, send us a message.

In the meantime, take a look and let us know what you think.




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