In this hauntingly beautiful story, Virginia Woolf relates the tale of a living couple sharing a house with the ghosts of the couple who once lived there, decades earlier. Narrated by Sarah Lipton, this is the first in a planned ePublish Yourself! series highlighting classic and contemporary short stories, extending the storytelling art beyond the printed page and ereader screen to  return to the oral traditions stretching back hundreds of years and now revitalized by the wonders of digital media. Let us know what you think.


An English writer who is considered one of the outstanding 20th century modernists, Woolf was influenced by Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and William Shakespeare. Her struggles with what today is known as bipolar disorder led to her suicide at the age of 59. For more about Virginia Woolf’s life and writing, visit this Wikipedia page.    George_Charles_Beresford_-_Virginia_Woolf_in_1902_-_Restoration

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